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FRANCE: If it’s New Year’s Eve, Muslims are busy torching hundreds of cars in Paris

OSTERSflagfrance_islam_burning-viIn what has become an annual tradition, Muslims take to the streets and set as many cars on fire as they can. Reports put the number this year at 1143, but those numbers are usually underreported.

Alsace (h/t Alain)  A total of 1193 vehicles were burned, announced Tuesday the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, who also announced a “police activity increased compared to last year, “a total of” 339 against 290 arrests and 244 custody against 181 in 2011.


“There is no significant change on the arson of cars and two-wheelers in recent years,” said the minister. The minister recalled that the “latest figures are those of 31 December 2009″, when 1147 vehicles were burned, according to an official report at the time. Mr. Valls announced last Thursday that it would provide the number of vehicles torched in Saint-Sylvestre, a practice abandoned by his predecessors since 2010 who said they wanted to avoid escalation in violence by Muslims.







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