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Muslim Leader Admits Islam Not a Religion of Peace







I have no doubt whatsoever islam is satan's church designed to fulfill up the biblical prophecy's of satan's one world religion and out of it will come the false prophet who are there in support of the rise of the anti-Christ or what islam call their 12th mahdi. Islam is pure and diobolical evil and should be outlawed the world over and all follower to be put in prison until they rebuke this vile cult and recognize God as God and not satan or allah.


I was just, mid-shit, on top of a copy of the quran, that book of filthy bullshit about a murderous pedophile named mo' (my excrement be upon him) when I thought to myself; self, what kind of worthless, wretched whore would bring a pedophile worshiping piece of excrement into this world???

And then I realized, it's not the fault of these extremist vermin, they are simply gullible twisted retards who don't have the brain-power to realize they have been duped.


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